16 Ways That Make You Unique

Self Development HQ | 16 Ways That Make You Unique
Being unique

Throughout life, we learn that we all have our likes and dislikes. It’s these differences that make us all unique individuals. Understanding the differences and features that shape everyone, we can learn to get along with others and be at peace know that our individuality is what makes us unique and special.

Our traits, personalities, communication style and other characteristics are all part of what makes us special. We are all individuals, yet what exactly makes everybody a genuinely one-of-a-kind person as well as what does being one-of-a-kind mean?

To be a unique individual suggests that you are just one of a kind and nothing else person is precisely like you. This individuality comes from within with our activities and also habits.

You might appreciate the stylish manner in which somebody dresses and you may even purchase the exact same clothing so you can look just like them. However wearing the same exact clothing as someone else still doesn’t make us look exactly like them – sometimes it’s not even close to looking like them. We all have our own unique aesthetics whic make us unique.

But what about identical twins? Are they unique? Yes! They are very unique. While they may look exactly alike, there will be differences – maybe small, subtle differences that still make them very individual. Very unique.

So what exactly is it that makes someone unique? 

1. Mindset

Everyone has a unique perspective. People can be pessimistic, upbeat, optimistic, etc. This is the how individuals perceive the world. Your mindset is developed from your environment and experiences. A person’s mindset can also be contagious. If you hang out with people who always have a negative mindset, chances are you will also start seeing the glass as half empty. However, the opposite can also be true – if you associate yourself with happy people, you’ll also start seeing that the world is full of unicorns and rainbows.

2. Objectives

In this life all of us have objectives and goals. Some of your goals may be the same as mine such as lose 10 pounds or retire by the time I’m 65. But we also have goals that are very different from each other. This is true for everyone and is another way that makes us different. Goals big and small can be the stepping-stones to a happier life and the way we set them can make a difference to achieving them.

Self Development HQ | 16 Ways That Make You Unique
Your goals make you unique

3. Persona

Did you know that your character and personality start to form the day you were born? When you’re an infant you cried and screamed to let your caretaker know that you needed something. This was the beginning of your personality, temperament, behavior, and character. As we grow and mature, we’re exposed to others’ personalities. Some of those we may like and try to emulate while others we may abhor and will avoid them at any cost. Whatever the makeup of your persona, it makes you unique.

4. Genes

Our hereditary makeup is one of the ways that separate me from you. We all get DNA from our parents. We get one set of chromosomes from our mom and one set from our dad. This means that there are 8,324,608 possible chromosomal combinations for each child from the same parents. In other words, even if you’re an identical twin, your specific chromosomal combination will be different from your siblings.

5. Viewpoint

A person’s viewpoint is their way of interpreting events that happen in their life, community, country and world. Your viewpoint is your perspective of everything around you. You and your partner can go see a movie. You might think the movie was great and would love to see it again but your partner may think that the movie was a waste of time and money. Even though you sat through the same movie, your viewpoints vary which makes you and your partner unique.

6. Preferences

Our preferences are presented in our own personal tastes. Have you ever watched a home renovation show? One person will want a farmhouse style and the next person will want a contemporary style. These are examples of each person’s preference. We can share our preferences with others and vice versa. My preferences make me hate the taste of red meat and my husband could eat a steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

7. Knowledge

Self Development HQ | 16 Ways That Make You Unique
Knowledge makes us unique

Everyone has some level of innate knowledge or intellect. Knowledge comes from genetics and environment as does the ability to increased one’s knowledge. Our knowledge and the ability to improve upon that are another way that we are unique individuals.

8. Physical Attributes

Everyone has some level of innate knowledge or intellect. Knowledge comes from genetics and environment as does the ability to increased one’s knowledge. Our knowledge and the ability to improve upon that are another way that we are unique individuals.

9. Encounters

While all of us have various encounters, the way we interpret and digest these are different. I might think that shopping in a crowded store on Black Friday is a great experience but my husband would rather be at home shopping online. Our encounters and experiences can make us or break us. We also experience love as well as loss in different ways – even if we both suffered the same loss. We can empathize with one’s loss, we truly cannot fully understand how they feel.

10. Connections

Connections refers to our relationships with others. We have connections with our friends, relatives, colleagues, spouses, etc. and every connection is different and unique. I have different connections among my friends. There are some of my friends that I can tell my deepest, darkest secret to and then there are my other friends that I still keep secrets from.

Even my connections with my family members will be totally different than my sister’s connections with our family.

11. Ingenuity

People are blessed with all types of ingenuity. Ingenuity can be expressed in a variety of forms. For example, playing the violin, creating a 5-course dinner, dancing, or singing are all types of ingenuity. One person can be born with a natural or innate ability to sing while another person couldn’t care a tune in a bucket.  We’re all one-of-a-kind in the unique way our ingenuity is created and presented.

Self Development HQ | 16 Ways That Make You Unique
Your ingenuity is unique to you

12. Interest

All of us show some interest in people, animals, and creativity but the way we show this interest is what makes us unique. 

13. Interactions

Interacting with other people is essential. We can choose to interact with interest and enthusiasm or we can choose to be monotonous and boring when interacting. We can use our hands, facial expressions and our computer to interact with others. Just because I send an email to one person doesn’t mean that I’m going to send the same email to the next person. These interaction options are another way that we are distinctly unique.

14. Wit

Our individuality is also expressed by our sense of humor. Wit is revealed as dry, sarcastically, grim, or even ill. Just look at comedians. They’re often sarcastic, silly or absurd. Each comedian, just like each person, has their own subjective wit.

15. Mannerisms

Mannerisms or behaviors are our tendencies or practices that we routinely do. We many have unconsciously formed these mannerisms from friends, family members, or people we look up to. Copying someone’s mannerisms will provide similarities to that person, it still makes you very unique. For example, some people have good habits like brushing their teeth 3 times a day but they may also have bad habits like smoking. Even though you have mannerisms that are the same as someone, you are still a unique individual.

16. Values

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They (should) determine your priorities, and, deep down, they’re probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to. When the things that you do and the way you behave match your values, life is usually good – you’re satisfied and content. But when these don’t align with your personal values, that’s when things feel… wrong. This can be a real source of unhappiness.

We must admit that we do share some ideas, lifestyles, and also expect the future yet we as human beings are each one-of-a-kind person in a plethora of methods. We should never attempt to imitate others. This individuality does not make us strange; it makes us that we are. We need to accept and be who we were meant to be: individually unique.

Until next time ~ Dr. JB Kirby


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