What word will you embrace to design your future?

Choose a Meaningful Word for This Season

Do you need an inspiring word to design your purpose? Read on for how to find your word of the future. 

Sometimes, choosing a word with special meaning can give you hope and frame how you look at a new season in your life. That’s why Jamie named her daughter, Faith. After years of miscarriages and a stillborn child, Jamie wanted a word that represented her belief that she was meant to be a mother.

When Lily decided to leave her safe corporate job to start her dream business, she chose the word soar. She loved the word because she felt like she had sprouted her wings after years in a cramped cocoon.

Leaning into a new word can create a readiness for growth and change. It signals that you’re willing to transform in one or more areas of your life.

Choosing a New Word

Once you’ve decided to choose a new word, start paying attention to the things around you. In particular, you want to look for a word that keeps appearing in your life even when you haven’t shared it with anyone else.

Shelly had recovered from years of childhood neglect and abuse. She was considering going back to college and getting a degree in counseling to help others like herself. She hadn’t shared this dream just yet. Instead, she’d kept it quietly tucked away.

One week, she noticed the word that kept coming to her was courage. A friend sent her the Angel of Courage. A family member shared with her an inspirational quote about having courage.

She turned on a radio station in her car and the topic of the hour was courage. Shelley took these moments as signs and registered for college courses that month.

Letting Go of an Old Word

Choosing a new word to represent this season in your life will sometimes mean releasing an old word. Without thinking about it too long, write down five words that you feel describe you. Are these words kind and truthful? Or are they destructive and hurtful?

If one or more words are painful, it’s time to re-evaluate them. You don’t have to carry this word with you into the future. You don’t have to let it define you any longer.  

Consider having a release ceremony. Write this word on a piece of paper and attach it to a balloon. Then let the balloon float away. When you’re tempted to think about this hurtful word, remind yourself that you released it and now it’s part of your past.

Love Your New Words and Design Your Future

What words do you love right now? Did yes, no, hello, or oops really resonate with you? Which one do you think you need to use more often in your life?

Take some time to journal how these words are impacting you. Do they make you feel bold and confident? Do they give you the freedom to finally make choices that align with your true values? Do they encourage you to dream a little more?

Your words can literally shape the course of your entire life. So, always chose the ones that remind you of your strength and power. What will be your word to design your future?

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